About Us
At Wild Style Designs, we love to create quality, unique items for you, and your dogs.
And we help you design your own too!
Wild Style Designs started out in 2014 with just our decals, and slowly but surely followed the path of Business Owner Rachel, and her love for Dogs. So now, here we are in 2016, with Dogs on the brain!
We also do non-dog related products and custom orders, but the majority of requests we get are from those who are Puppy crazy.

Our Creations
At Wild Style Designs, we are all about making something unique for you. Something that you can be super proud of. That's why we want your designs. We could just make things ourselves and just have them available to you (we have some of that too if that's what you like), but really, you know what you love. So how about you design your own?
Our products are customised right here at our workshop in Karnup, Western Australia. Some of them are even made from scratch right here! Each item is carefully created to your specifications and shipped off to where ever in Australia you are.
You can be sure you're going to love your Wild Style Designs goodies, and be proud to show them off, because you designed them! 
Join Us
We look forward to working with you to create a special masterpeice for you, your business or your dog. Share your photos on Facebook , or #wild_stylewa on instagram.
Established June 2014
Karnup, Western Australia
2 Puppies, 1 Person

Hey, I'm Rach.
I'm here to help you create something awesome.
 Here's a little about me:
 I love colours, nature and Dogs.
I love creative stuff that's a little unique
When I'm not creating fun stuff here, I hang out with my family and furbabies at the little piece of paradise, we call home.
It's lovely to 'meet' you. Hope to chat with you soon!
Hi, We are Deacon and Kaely. We love fun stuff, eating, playing tug and dressing up in stuff that Mum makes us. Follow us on our own Instagram.